Why choose Us?

Tridimensional electronic gaugeIt's all about quality

Commitment to have all the necessary resources to achieve best possible results in our production systems.

Why choose Us?

Continuous controlIt's all about quality

Our staff and every member of our group is committed to their work.

Why choose Us?

Solar trackerIt's all about quality

Commitment to develop environmentally friendly products.

Quality, our goal.


Our operational policy

Reductores Cuñat undestands quality not only as a process control but also as our operational policy looking ahead to keep on improving day after day.


From design to delivery

Overall quality management covers all areas of our company's activity, from design concept to production and delivey.


Sustainable development

Quality contributes to sustainable development. We are committed to society to care for the environment.



We keep in mind our vocation of service as technical assistance, design, production and after-sales service are concerned. We make solutions.


As we understand our customer’s requirements we assist them with all our resources, our responsibility and all our knowledge.


We’re creative. We listen to our customers and colleagues, keep on updating our manufacturing procedures. Continuous improvement is our common goal.