Manufacturing standards

Manufacturing standards

• Gearboxes and gearmotors comply with relevant provisions of the Directive 98/37/CE.

• Gearboxes design, manufacture, assembly and marketing Reductores Cuñat comply with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard.

• Customer-specific special designs or applications that may require special consideration Reductores Cuñat can manufacture gearboxes and gearmotors that comply with Directive 94/9/CEE (ATEX 100a).

• Power ratings and dimensions as per CENELEC HD 231 (IEC 72-1, CNR-CEI UNEL 13117-71 and 13118-71, DIN 42677, NF C 51-120, BS 5000-10 y BS 4999-141) to constructive designs IM B5, IM B14 and derivatives.

• Nominal characteristics and performance as per CENELEC EN–60034-1 (IEC 34-1, CEI EN 60034-1, DIN VDE 0530-1, NF C51-111, BS EN 60034-1).

• Protection degrees as per CENELEC EN 60034-5 (IEC 34-5, CEI 2-16, DIN EN 60034-5, NF C51-115, BS 4999-105).

• Constructive designs as per CENELEC EN 60034-7 (IEC 34-7, CEI EN 60034-7, DIN IEC 34-7, NF C51-117, BS EN 60034-7).

• Noise levels as per CENELEC 60034-9 (IEC 34.9, DIN 57530).

• Balance, N normal vibration as per CENELEC HD 53.14 S1 (IEC 34-14, ISO 2373 CEI 2-23, BS 4999-142).

• Cooling as per CENELEC EN 60034-6 (CEI 2-7, IEC 34-6): standard type IC 411.


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