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Reference Out. torque Out. revolutions Hollow shaft Emergency drive Limit switch
PC85_55-15 550 15 30-31.75-40 Chain SD3/Crank SD1 Digital

Within the PC85 series we have these power ranges that are between 170 Nm to 550 Nm, being able to vary according to the needs of the client. The typical application for these models of geared motors are rolling, sectional doors without compensation, guillotines. The assembly of these doors is carried out directly on the axis of the door.

  • Accesories
  • PC85_55-15
  • Emergency
  • • Quick chain motor release SD3.
    • Crank motor release SD1.

  • Limit sensor switch
  • Digital limit sensor
    • Adjustment by absolute encoder, no reference point needed in case of electric power cut.
    • Option for external limit switches with RCVF1 panel control.

  • Fixing
  • • Direct with 8xM8 fixing threads (Standard fixing).
    • It may be ordered a support console (on request).

  • Special versions
  • • Higher IP index protection.
    • Electric heating on request.
    • Possibility of having the output shaft at this measure (30mm, 31.75mm, 40mm).

  • Control panel
  • • Control voltage: 24 V, Dc.
    • Supply voltage: 230/400 V/3-Phase.
    • Connection via quick plug (plug-in), which makes installation easier.
    • Control panel models and variants are described in the corresponding control panel manual.
    (chapter 4).
    • Motor thermal protection.