RCVF1 Control box

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  • RCVF1 Control box

  • Control box with frequency converter.

    The RCVF1 control box has been designed to provide a solution to the automation of industrial doors.

    This device meets all the requirements in its mode of operation, as well as allows the interconnection of all the auxiliary devices needed for the correct operation of the door.

  • RCVF1
  • Box
  • • Box with dimensions W x H x L [mm]: 240x190x160
    • IP55 with IP65 possibility on request.
    • Insulation cover against discharge by means of a cover of the voltage-conducting elements.
    • Fixing elements.

  • Motor plate
  • • Power supply: 230V AC single phase plus earth.
    • Security stop entry normally closed.
    • Alternative push-button input.
    • Entry of closing pushbutton / partial opening position.
    • Closed contact input / PNP photocell.
    • Closed contact input / PNP safety band.
    • 24V DC 300 mA auxiliary power output.
    • 2 voltage-free switched contact multifunction relays.
    • Interactive display with programming menus.
    • Control by absolute encoder.
    • Three meter screened pre-connected encoder signal cable.

  • Variable frequency drive
  • • Factory pre-connected single-phase 230V supply.
    • Maximum power 1CV.
    • Selection of three opening speeds (high speed doors).
    • Selection of two closing speeds (high speed doors).
    • Automatic control of acceleration / deceleration ramps.
    • Three meter screened cable for pre-connected motor.
    • Integrated electro-brake control for high speed doors.
    • Protection for over consumption.
    • Over voltage protection.
    • Protection against over temperature.
    • Resetting of alarms upon power supply disconnection.

  • Data sheet
  • Working voltage V *230/400/3~
    Frequency Hz 50/60
    Control voltage V 24
    Max. load Kw(A) 0.8 Kw (4)
    Protection index - IP55
    Temperature range °C -10/+45
    Dimensions mm 240x190x160
    Weight Kg 2.6
    *For correct operation it is necessary to have a minimum supply voltage of 10% of the working voltage.