RCVF5 control box

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  • RCVF5 Control box

  • Control box with frequency converter.

    The RCVF4 control box has been designed to provide a solution to the automation of industrial doors.

    This device meets all the requirements in its mode of operation, as well as allows the interconnection of all the auxiliary devices needed for the correct operation of the door.

    It has a connector to be controlled through a TCP or RS485 communications port.

  • RCVF5
  • Frequency converter and Control box

  • 1 Frequency converter:

    If an overload occurs in the frequency converter exceeding the maximum output amperage, the converter is deactivated, causing the motor to stop instantly.

    If this did not occur due to deterioration in the converter, the thermal magneto would act as the final element to cut off the power supply.
    Once the problem that caused the cut has been resolved, all you have to do is reset the panel by reconnecting the circuit breaker.

    2 Control box:

    It is the circuit that manages the movement of the motor and contains all the elements to configure the operation of the motor.
    This board has a 0.5A protection fuse.

    When replace is needed, same intensity fuse must be used, otherwise irreparable damage could occur to this plate.

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  • Manual version 11-2022
    • Technical information
    • Supply voltage 230v single phase plus earth
      Power absorbed at full load 1380W
      Motor output 3 phases at 230v (variable frequency drive)
      Maximum drive output amperage 4,5A
      Auxiliary power output 230V
      Maximum auxiliary supply 2A
      Low voltage auxiliary power output 24V-DC not filtered
      Maximum low voltage auxiliary power supply 300mA
      Electro-brake power output 220V/102V DC not filtered
      Plastic box with insulation cable gland IP55
      Motor power cable (the motor cable is shielded with earth connection) 4 meters long
      Signal cable (encoder plus safety) the signal cable is shielded with earth connection 4 meters long
      Relay output 1 voltage-free changeover contact (Maximum relay 1 switching capacity) 5A to 230V
      Relay output 2 changeover contact free of voltage (maximum relay 2 switching capacity) 5A to 230 V
      Closed contact input emergency stop mushroom Terminals st1 Y st2
      Stop pushbutton closed contact input Terminals ps1 y ps2
      Open contact input opening button + alternative Terminals pa1 y pa2
      Open contact input close button* Terminals pc1 y pc2
      Closed contact input or pnp photocell Terminals ft1 y ft2
      Closed contact input or pnp impact safety band Terminals bs1 y bs2
      The IP55 test was carried out according to category 2 according to section 10.3 of the UNE-EN 61439-1:2012 standard.
      *Contact entry for partial opening selection.