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Reference Out. torque Out. revolutions Hollow shaft Emergency drive Limit switch
TC50-4-135 40 135 25-25.4 Engine unlock SD2 Digital

The TC-50 series provides an optimal solution for sliding doors.
The main point of these units is their compact design, which provides a wide range of installation possibilities.
Its built-in emergency release device offers a secure option for the door.
With this series, a suitable solution is available for a high degree of categories, also providing the flexibility to offer tailored solutions according to individual customer requirements.

European directives for doors:
The product standard for industrial doors UNE EN 13241-1 is applicable. For motorized doors and gates they comply with UNE EN 12453 and the regulations and laws in force in your country.

  • Accesories
  • TC50_4-135
  • Emergency
  • • Engine unlock SD2.

  • Limit sensor switch
  • Digital limit sensor.
    Adjustment by absolute encoder, no reference point needed in case of electric power cut.
    Option for external limit switches with RCVF1 panel control.

  • Fixing
  • • Direct with 8xM8 fixing threads (Standard fixing).
    • It may be ordered a support console (on request).

  • Special versions
  • • Higher IP index protection.
    • Other voltages and frequencies.
    • Possibility of having the output shaft at this measure (25.4mm, 25mm).

  • Control panel
  • • Control voltage: 24 V, Dc.
    • Supply voltage: 230/400 V/3-Phase.
    • Connection via quick plug (plug-in), which makes installation easier.
    • Control panel models and variants are described in the corresponding control panel manual.
    (chapter 4).
    • Motor thermal protection.